School Safety Campaign

Prioritizing Safety

Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for children ages 5 – 14 in Los Angeles. The yearlong Safety Campaign targets parents and students to heighten their awareness of the importance of traffic safety. Through this campaign, SRTS seeks to build a culture that prioritizes safety, with an emphasis on protecting our most vulnerable populations that walk and bicycle to/from schools.

Through easily digestible traffic safety messaging, memorable safety tips, and in-school activities that reinforce the message, we seek to encourage safe, responsible behavior of people who drive, bicycle and walk in our city streets with the goal of reducing severe injury and fatal traffic crashes.


Monthly Campaign Resources

Each month, SRTS will post Campaign materials below. Local Districts will direct school administration to the monthly links for thematic flyers, content and graphics to embed in schools’ communications to parents, and classroom activities or educational videos.

Click on the Month for Materials