School Safety Campaign Materials



  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Be a Safety Role Model (English / Spanish)
  • In-Class Activity: Be My Healthy Heart Valentines Day Cards (Click Here)
  • Parent Handout: Teaching Pedestrian Safety to Children (Click Here)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Walk, Bike, and Roll for the New Year! (English / Spanish)
  • Infographic for Websites and Newsletters: Active Kids Learn Better (English / Spanish)
  • In-Class Activity: Walk and Roll Art Studio (Click Here)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Be Thankful for Safety Champions! (Eng / Spa / Kor / Zh / Tgl)
  • In-Class Activity: Safety Champion Thank You Cards ((Elementary Schools)
  • In-Class Activity: Learn About Pictometry – Aerial Photography (Middle Schools)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Be Seen, Be Safe (English / Spanish)
  • Video: Ages 5-9 Learn to Safely Walk & Cross Streets (English / Spanish)
  • Video: Ages 10-14 Build on Pedestrian Safety Skills (English / Spanish)
  • In-Class Activity: Ages 5-9 Quiz on Safe Walking (English / Spanish)
  • In-Class Activity: Ages 10-14 Quiz on Safe Walking (English / Spanish)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: October Celebrates Walk-tober! (English / Spanish)
  • Video: SRTS Cartoons Walk Safely to School on Halloween (Click Here)
  • In-Class Activity: Walk to School Day Art Projects (Click Here)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Curb Your Behavior (English / Spanish)
  • Visual for Websites and Newsletters: Reduce Your Speed (English / Spanish)
  • Video: Let’s Go Walking! Safely Crossing intersections (Click Here)


  • Monthly Flyer/Banner: Be Street Smart from the Start (English / Spanish)
  • Visual for Websites and Newsletters: Slow Down and Stop (Click Here)
  • Video: Pedestrian Safety Training (Click Here)