Street improvements help create a network of “neighborhood-friendly streets” to improve the safety and comfort of routes to school.  

SRTS Plans

SRTS Plans incorporate engineering, education and enforcement recommendations. Developing plans is a public participatory process that includes school staff, educators, operations and police, parents and students, and community members. In the next 3 years, the SRTS school prioritization is framing the development of SRTS Plans for the Top 50 schools with most need. SRTS will use completed plans to prepare applications to fund construction.

Learn more about projects to be constructed at the following clusters of schools:


Encouragement activities promote the fun, generating excitement and interest in walking and bicycling. The goal is to increase the number of children who walk and bicycle to school safely. Encouragement and education efforts are closely intertwined, rewarding participation and educating children and adults about the safety and the health benefits of bicycling and walking. Enthusiasm can buoy support for changes that might require more time and resources, such as constructing a new sidewalk.

Capture the Spirit of Walk to School Day 2016

Walk to School Day is one of the most visible successes of SRTS. Participation by  parents, school representatives, community members and elected officials reinforces the need to prioritize safety in school neighborhoods. Since 2013, there have been over 360 Walk to School Day events at 225 different schools with approximately 73,000 Los Angeles students participating, spotlighting everyone’s responsibility to adhere to the rules of the road.    

The Walk to School Day website is a one-stop shop for resources and tools to organize events, register schools, and access staff planning and logistics support. The School Organizer and Agency Organizer Manuals are step-by-step guides to plan, recruit volunteers, promote and host events and includes customizable materials.

SRTS continues to refine its strategies to make hosting an event simple and cost-effective. The Walk to School Day Evaluation Report details the evolution of the program model, lessons learned and recommendations for cost-effectively scaling the program.

Keep Walking!

Make every day Walk to School Day.  Keep Walking! guides help schools organize walking activities throughout the school year. Choose from activities such as the Walking Field Trip, the Golden Sneaker Program, and the Weekend Walks and Bicycle Rides.